Swiss Data Neutrality

Worldwide, privacy regulations are a mess. The US claims they can reach across national borders and seize data held by US companies outside the US. China and Russia demand backdoors into applications developed by their companies. Even the EU’s GDPR has loopholes.

With Adeya, you get Swiss data sovereignty.

Switzerland has one of the strongest and most comprehensive data protection regimes in the world. Between our constitutional right to privacy and the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA), outsider access to your private data is strictly controlled and, in most cases, prohibited. We even consider IP addresses to be personal data protected by law.

Choose Adeya On-Cloud for the fastest deployment time and shield your business with Swiss data storage.


GDPR Compliant

Can your business afford GDPR fines of 4% of its global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater? Getting in compliance with the EU’s GDPR directive protects your bottom line.

Adeya’s GDPR compliant solution uses security by design and privacy by default. With both end-to-end and at-rest encryption and robust authentication, you’ll rest easy knowing your customer and employee data is safe and secure.

Our configurable options help you implement your regulatory requirements. Adjustable privacy parameters let you address employee concerns and create the ultimate user experience.


Get Military-Grade Security

When we say military-grade security, we mean it. We adhere to the highest security standards, including AES-256 encryption, audit trails, logs, and administrative controls. Our products are vetted, trusted, and used within the defense industry and by government institutions.

All of Adeya’s communication and collaboration platforms offer best-in-class encryption with both end-to-end (E2E) and at-rest encryption for all texts, messages, voice calls, shared files, notes, and contacts.

Our experts understand your local, national, and industry-specific regulations. We customize your Adeya installation, so you stay secure and compliant.

adeya-get military-grade security

If you work in the defense industry, a government institution, or another organization subject to strict national requirements, install Adeya On-Premise and keep everything under your control, including the cryptographic suite.

Whether you prefer a standard open cryptographic algorithm or require highly customized primitives to comply with national requirements, Adeya lets you deploy your chosen solution throughout your organization.


Verified by Independent Labs

We take your security seriously by hiring the best and brightest security experts.

Our dedicated security team tears our products apart, searching for vulnerabilities. Then they put it back together and repeat, all while following security best practices and well-established, standard security guidelines.

After conducting extensive vulnerability testing and hardening our systems, we send them out to an independent security lab for additional testing and verification. We even encourage our customers to verify our results by conducting additional penetration tests.

We don’t just say our products are secure. We prove it.


Make Privacy Your Strength

The competing demands of increased regulations and organizational security leave employees trapped in the middle. Often, they feel like they are sacrificing personal privacy for the organization’s benefit.

Adeya’s customizable user privacy settings let you create and implement employee privacy policies that work for everyone.

Put IT back in the driver’s seat with Adeya while giving your employees the easy-to-use communication app they demand and your board the compliance they require.


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For Government officials, secure communications are vital to fulfilling their mission-critical functions.



With industry and economics at stake, secure collaboration are imperative for those working in the financial sector.


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We understand the vital role that telecommunications play in the energy industry.



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